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Innovating for Continence 2013 - Meeting Purpose

The Innovating for Continence Conference Series is an international conference for biomedical engineers and other engineering disciplines, physicians, nurses, people with incontinence and their caregivers, academics, industry executives and those with a passion for increased development of creative and efficacious products for the management of incontinence.

In 2005, a small group of individuals passionately dedicated to increasing the creativity and rate of development of products and devices for the management of incontinence, met to develop the first in a series of unique conferences to be held during the next decade.

These meetings are intended to both educate innovators and heighten interest in innovation for continence products among students and recent graduates of premier engineering schools; associations that represent various engineering disciplines; venture capitalists; physicians, nurses and other health professionals; and inventors (both within management teams of industries currently working on incontinence and maverick inventors from other fields new to the challenge).

If you understand, or wish to increase your understanding of the product needs of people with incontinence, you are invited to attend and participate in this meeting and become a part of the solution.