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The Simon Foundation for Continence's
Innovating for Continence
Conference Series

2009 Innovating for Continence - Invitation

APRIL 7-8, 2009
Pre-Conference Workshops: April 6, 2009

Lincolnshire, Illinois

A ground-breaking conference sponsored by The Simon Foundation for Continence aimed at stimulating fresh thinking on improving technologies for continence care.

A warm welcome, whether you are returning for the Simon Foundation for Continence's second Innovating for Continence conference, or joining us for the first time.

The feedback from delegates at the 2007 conference was so positive that we decided to stay with a similar format for 2009. There are pre-conference workshops and a conference program we are confident you will find rich and full while still providing plenty of opportunities for networking. Once again, we have panels of consumers and caregivers ready to share their experiences and insights, and suggest to those of us trying to develop more effective continence technology where we should focus our efforts. As before, there are papers reporting on the latest work in the continence field, complemented by lectures from eminent scientists and engineers in other fields whose expertise we strongly suspect may have applications in the continence world.

There are some changes and innovations in the program too. In 2007 we largely avoided the topic of managing faecal incontinence in order to keep a tight focus on urinary incontinence, but this time we have a keynote lecture on this important topic, designed to inform and to challenge. We are also experimenting with break-out groups: we hope that tackling these topics in a smaller group will facilitate interaction and debate. The session entitled: "From Good Ideas to Great Products" is another innovation in which we will be examining the development process for new technology, using a live case study. The whole motivation for running these conferences is to stimulate fresh thinking and new initiatives, and so another new feature of the program will be to report on new activities inspired by the 2007 meeting.

I was enormously encouraged by the creative energy and enthusiasm generated in 2007 and it continues to be my hope and dream that, before long, a company will launch a wonderfully effective new product, and that the accompanying literature will declare that it all began from an idea conceived at a Simon Foundation Innovating for Continence Conference.

Have an enjoyable and productive conference and please take the time to give us your feedback. We are determined to serve the incontinence community well through these conferences and your considered comments will be invaluable in helping us in that endeavour.

Alan Cottenden

Chair Planning Committee